About Us

We focus on the underprivileged who can use our services

We are non profit team


Emperyan is an evolving dream that has been working towards the betterment of the society as a whole. We exist to empower people especially of the weaker section of the society and build social structures and bridges to help people and increase access to service delivery system, uplift their socio-economic status and exercise their rights effectively.

“Socio-Economic Development of the poor and weaker section of the society, wherein people are mobilized for their own empowerment”

“To build dynamic and vibrant community level people’s structures for sustainable development” Love, respect to everybody, equality, primary care of environment, sustainable development and commitment to democracy embodies the value system of the organization.”









Our Volunteers

Putting last person first in the development process
Emphasis on weaker section of communities with an emphasis on women, children and gender equality
Respecting and adhering to the democratic principles
Develop scalable and replicable – innovative and effective models of excellence
Empower people and people’s institutions to be the change
Increase people participation and develop a sense of ownership for sustainable development
Strengthening the Government mechanism and service delivery system through partnering with and sensitizing people about the facilities and their rights
Campaigning and Policy Advocacy on the issues of weaker section of society with an emphasis on – Children Rights and Women Rights

Our Advisors

We are indebted to our Advisors and well-wishers, who guide, help and enable us in various ways. Their value addition in the work has enriched the organization overall. The Advisory Board includes individuals, scholars, experts and successful imminent personalities from all walks of life, who are contributing developmental work in different noble ways. We are thankful to all of them and strongly believe that, they will continue their help and guidance in future.

Gracie Edward

Herman Slater

Molly Lucian

Sarah Lowell